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ZECHMAC aims to foster strategic business relationships and provide expert operational guidance to governments and corporate entities on Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) to further the accelerated development of the African continent.

Fun Facts - World Investment Report 2022

The Opportunity

Africa is rich in diversity and potential. Featuring the fastest-growing youth population and urbanisation globally.
Africa with 55 countries and 1.4 billion population offers high returns on Foreign Direct Investment.

Key Facts

Zechmac is mission built to open up Africa’s markets - one of the most dynamic economies globally - to the rest of the world. Built on vast professional expertise, local structures on the ground and exceptional passion. Twelve Years Of Excellence With Transparency At It's Core!​

We Prosper Through Integrity!

Why Zechmac For Africa

Our Approach

"Fundamental to the way we work is our deep insight in government to government transactions. We help unlock a wide range of identified investment opportunities the continent provides for deploying, Public-Private Partnership (PPP) models such as - Build, Operate and Transfer (BOT) - that has true potential for returns to accelerate the development objectives of the region." 

With strong networks, superior analysis and better knowledge of country contexts, we provide not only valuable insights and information but also great understanding of the grassroots. We engage with international stakeholders and entities that are critical for the success of our transformational projects in Africa. 

These partnerships are built and sustained in a transparent and clear manner to serve the best interest of the client.You need a trusted partner who is not only an expert on Western Africa, but can apply their cultural knowledge, local expertise and judgement for operational guidance that can deliver the best of African markets to you.

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Homeland Defense

Homeland defense has changed. How we deter and defend needs to change too. We must transform defense readiness with advanced technologies to detect, track, and classify threats.


Agri-tech is the continent’s priority sector, since it creates sustainable practices that utilize modern technology to transform challenges into opportunities for food security.

Real Estate

Real estate continues to demonstrate considerable value for investors. Luxury suburban housing, leisure resorts, student accommodation, new format retailers, warehouses and last mile facilities.

Accelerating Development

– Security

Security threats are evolving at speed. To keep pace, we are steadfast in our quest to provide expert guidance on identified opportunities to deploy best-in-class solutions, that provides integrated, persistent awareness and security across land, sea and air – all at the tactical edge – to help secure the homeland and minimize exposure to risk.

We know that the quality of our work helps to stabilize the region, keep our communities safe and makes for a more conducive and attractive destination for FDI. 

– Food

Zechmac aims to unlock opportunities for farming improvement through information monitoring and analysis of weather, pests, soil and air temperature. Agri-tech also provides the use of automation, such as intelligent software analysis for pest and disease prediction, soil management and other involved analytical tasks.

Our approach is based primarily, on a detailed understanding of your operational and strategic needs and then we work closely with you throughout the process to ensure that the final decision truly meets your business case.

– Shelter

With the emergence of a more environmentally conscious customer group who seek a lifestyle experience that focuses on a more sustainable way of living – low carbon emissions, energy conservation – and principles of a circular economy. 

Life sciences and data centres that support the always on 24×7 modern economy – these more specialist sectors are often countercyclical and benefit from structural drivers – are untapped segments of the market where our experience provides a critical competitive advantage. 

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Capital projects to drive impact


Our responsibility as a company is to create sustainable and shared value for our stakeholders. As such our commitment to our partners, investors, suppliers and communities, is to expect us to identify opportunities that make a positive contribution to the economy, society and the environment.


Agri-stakeholders have two incentives – maximum yield and low operational costs. Big farmers, agri-business companies depend on our advisory services for desired results.

Opportunities for value creation

Homeland Defense

Green Energy





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